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#DeltaLake is a protocol that can be implemented in any programming language. There is currently an implementation in #Scala and another implementation in
Honestly, Rust is a really nice general programming language as well. It might be overkill to write a simple web app in it, but I could see myself writing a lot of stuff that isn't traditionally "systems" in it. It's got a lot of high level languages features
Rust and Python were tied as the "most desired technologies" in 2022, with 18% of developers who aren't already using Rust indicating an interest in doing so. Several large software organisations, including Amazon, Dropbox, Facebook (Meta), Google (Alphabet), and Microsoft, have embraced Rust for their internal components.
But – as experts have noted in debates over Rust and C/C++ – the NSA warns that simply using a memory safe language doesn't by default preclude introducing memory bugs to software ...
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